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if you're gonna do it overdo it

What's your take on the abundance of Obay ads posted around the city? 

I love them.  I'm anxious for the corporate revelation in the coming weeks though, and that makes me a little afraid.  The Conformists are taking a stab at non-conformity, what, by releasing ads that have piqued interest all over the city and all.  A bit of sick humour and everyone stands at the utmost attention - are we really that cynical?  I know I am.  (I must say, I am far more intrigued by this little gem than the Bell-gift-fiasco from a few winters ago.  Remember those damned blue presents plastered over every inch of available wall space in this city?)

A sheep I may be, so bring it on, Corporate Canada!

(An article I found on Torontoist.)
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