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keep your eye on that one

Ani D. meets the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Could I have a bigger dream come true?!

(This is actually pretty cute.)

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its because of you i fell in love with ani.
hows life in the shwa treating you?
if you have nothing better to do on saturday night go to velvet elvis to see my band play sans moi because i will be in toronto but they kick ass none the less
alas, i received this message too late it seems. missed out on your band - i was in toronto as well this evening.

the 'shwa is the same as ever. so you've visited the elvis? you're better than me...i still haven't been to the place. next time you're in town, let me know. i am not opposed to becoming acquainted with an oshawa coffee house in your company.
alas one day our paths shall cross
almost all the boys in our sister err brother band are from the oshawa area.
so next time i will contact you so that we can see each other!